Important note for CAO Applicants

Dear Applicant,
This is an important email, read it now and follow the instructions carefully. Please do not ignore. Please note: Due to Covid-19 restrictions CAO will not be sending a postal Statement of Application Record this year.
This Statement of Application Record email has been sent to instruct you to log in and verify that all of your information has been recorded completely and correctly on your CAO Account. Failure to follow this instruction may have serious consequences for your application.

Please take the following steps:
Step 1. Read the instructions on the Statement of Application Record page online at . On this page you will also find a link to additional information which relates specifically to your application type(s), e.g. Leaving Certificate, QQI FET, GCE, and Other Applicants – including Mature applicants and those presenting Other School Leaving Qualifications. Please make sure to read this information carefully.

Step 2. Log in to your CAO Account to review your account information, including your personal information, your examination information, supporting documentation (if you supplied any) and your course choices. Do not delay. If you have applied for an NUI and/or TCD exemption, check that it is recorded on your account.

Step 3. If there are any errors or omissions inform CAO immediately. Failure to correct errors or omissions at this stage may have very serious consequences and lead to the loss of a place.
Please note: If your examination has been replaced by calculated/predicted grades we still require your examination number (or board, centre and candidate number for GCE applicants) for administrative purposes.

Notifying CAO of errors or omissions:
In some instances you may be able to edit/update your account information yourself using the My Application facility, for example personal details (except for name or date of birth), course choices or examination information. Simply log in to your CAO account and update the information in the relevant sections. If we receive your changes/updates before the end of May they will be updated to your account in early June. For more information on updating these sections, go to the instructions page online at In other instances you will need to email CAO via the Correspondence Section of your account to inform us of any errors or omissions, for example an exemption that has not been recorded, an incorrect name or date of birth, or missing documentation.
Please note that only documents received by CAO up to 25th March have been uploaded to applicant accounts. Documents received after 25th March will be processed and uploaded to your account when our office re-opens. If this applies to you, you will be notified and given an opportunity to view your documents at a later date – check your documents when instructed to do so and no later than 30th June.

Other important information:
The CAO Change of Mind facility will operate as usual, opening on the 5th May at noon and closing on the 1st July at 17:15. If you wish to make changes to your course choices you must do so online at our website: before 5.15pm on 1st July.  Go to `My Application` and log in to your account. There is no fee for this facility and you may use it more than once. Carefully read the instructions on page 14 & 15 of the 2020 CAO Handbook. Additional instructions and a `Change of Mind Video Guide` are available here: http:// Over the coming weeks, CAO will hold further discussions with the State Examinations Commission about the expected revised timeline for the provision of Leaving Certificate grades. Following on from this, CAO and HEIs will continue to discuss the impact this change will have on the existing offers and acceptances schedule. We will be notifying you as soon as a revised schedule has been agreed by CAO and HEIs.
Yours sincerely,
CAO Information Service