Year Head & Class Tutors

The Pastoral Care Structure

In Mayfield Community School a number of people work together to ensure the well-being of our students.

The Class Teacher

Class Teachers are often the first to notice if  a student is not doing well.  The class teacher may notice a change in grades, a change in attitude, or just a big change in mood from a particular student.  The class teacher may refer the matter to the Class Tutor.


The Class Tutor

The Class Tutor is usually the person who knows a particular class group best.  He or She will meet the class regularly, and will teach the class at least once a week.

Any concerns about a student are brought to the class teacher first.  The class teacher will know the students best, and will also have contact with their families.

If the class tutor has any particular concerns, he or she will bring those concerns to the weekly meeting with the Year Head.


The Year Head

Each week the Year Head meets with the Class Tutors, the school Principal and Deputy Principal, the HSCL teacher and the Guidance Counseller.  The Year Head will chair this meeting and look at the welfare and academic performance of the students.  Any student concerns are referred to the Student Support Team.