Student FAQs

Some common questions from students:

I am absent

Your Parent/Guardian should ring the school office before 10AM on the day you are out.

Then give a note signed by your parents in your school journal to your Year Head/Class Teacher on the first day you are back

I am late

Sign in at the main office

I need to leave school early

Give a note to your Year Head signed by your parent/guardian.

He/She must collect you from school and sign you out.

I cannot find the correct room for my class

Ask any teacher you see in the corridor

I have not got my complete uniform

You should not be in school without the correct uniform.  Explain to your Year Head why

I need to go to the toilet urgently

Check your timetable and ask your subject teacher, but realise it needs to be an emergency for you to be allowed to leave class

I am having difficulties with a subject

Tell your subject teacher and talk to your year head

I cannot see the board well in class

Tell your teacher and ask to sit in the front of the class

Someone bullies me / I see another student being bullied

Report bullying behaviour to any staff member

The fire alarm rings

Follow the teacher’s instructions.

Do Not Panic!

I feel ill / have an accident

Tell your subject teacher and report to your Year Head

I lose something / find something

Report it to the caretaker, class teacher or your Year Head

I am worried about something in school

Speak to your parents, Year Head, the Guidance Counsellor, or the chaplain

I cannot remember my locker code

Speak to your Class Tutor

I can’t do P.E because of an illness

Bring in a note from your parent / guardian and give it to the P.E teacher

I have forgotten my lunch

Speak to your Class Teacher / Year Head

I can’t turn up for a sports event or school activity

Inform the teacher in charge or ring the school office with an explanation

There is money missing from my bag

Inform your Year Head

Something bad happened at home

Speak to your Year Head, the Guidance Counsellor or Chaplain

Something bad happened on the way to school

Speak to your Class Teacher or Year Head