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DEIS Evaluation 2019

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In the last year, we have looked at teaching and learning in our school to find out what we are doing well. This is what we discovered:

We have common approaches to teaching and learning in literacy and numeracy in our classrooms.

The school is a print rich environment inside and outside the classrooms.

A variety of teaching and learning methodologies are being used to meet the needs of the students in our classrooms.



This is what we did to find out what we were doing well, and what we could do better:

We did attitudinal surveys among our students in literacy and numeracy.

We analysed state exam results and compared them with our school results.

We looked at our attendance and retention rates.

We tracked our students transitioning from Post primary to third level.

We asked incoming students and parents through a questionnaire about their experience coming into our school.

We looked at the feedback from parent and staff questionnaires to inform our targets.


This is what we are now going to work on:

We are promoting attendance and retention through various initiatives like “Every day counts” and texts to parents.

We want to support literacy and numeracy across all classes.

We are running an accelerated learning programme and homework clubs in order to promote attainment.

We are helping the transition between primary and post primary school.

We are implementing teaching and learning strategies such as group work.


This is what you can do to help:

You can support attendance by encouraging your son/daughter to attend each day on time.

Promote reading for pleasure in the home.

Encourage your son/daughter to attend breakfast club/homework club and supervised study.

Get involved in the parents’ group.

Attend parent teacher meetings.



Here is some information about how we are carrying out our work and about what the Department of Education and Skills requires us to do.

School time and holidays

The Department requires all post-primary schools to have 167 school days each year, and a 28-hour school week

This year we had       167 school days, from 27th August 2018 to 31st May 2019. Our school week is      28 hours.

The Department sets out a standardised school year and school holidays.

This year we took all our school holidays within the permitted time. YES 

The Department sets out arrangements for parent/teacher meetings and staff meetings. This year we had    4 parent/teacher meetings and      11 staff meetings, all in line with the Department’s regulations.

Looking after the children in our school

The Department requires schools to follow the Child Protection Procedures it has set down. Our board of management has agreed in writing to do this. YES 

All teachers know about the Procedures and we have told 

all parents about them and how we follow them. YES 

Our Designated Liaison Person (DLP) is Kieran Golden and our Deputy DLP is Kathleen Daly


Enrolment and attendance

The Department requires schools to have and publish an admissions policy, to record and report attendance accurately, and to encourage high attendance and participation.

We have an admissions policy and it is published. YES 

We reviewed and updated our admissions policy on: August 2018

We keep accurate attendance records and report them as required. YES 

We encourage high attendance in the following ways: Use of Eportal, SA1, SA2 forms sent home, Web texts to parents, in school rewards for attendance, constant monitoring by class teacher, year tutor, HSCL.


This is how you can help: Please ensure your son/daughter attends each day and on time.


Positive behaviour for a happy school

The Department requires schools to have a code of behaviour, and asks us to consult parents and students about it. We do this. YES 

Our code of behaviour describes and supports positive behaviour. YES

We have a very clear and high-profile anti-bullying policy in our school. YES