About Us

About Mayfield Community School

Mayfield Community School was founded in 1973 and is one of the first five Community Schools built in Ireland. There are now over 90 Community Schools throughout the country. The school was built to cater for 700 students and was equipped to provide a comprehensive curriculum. Community Schools were conceived as a resource to the community in which they were built, with the school serving the needs of its young people by day and the community at other times. To this end the first five schools also had a sports complex and a 25 metre swimming pool. The school is managed by a Board of Management. Today it remains true to the ethos of Community Schools which is to provide an education for all the young people of the community and to provide access to its facilities by the wider community when not in use by the school.


The purpose of the school is to assist and co-operate with parents and their children in preparing young people for life. Our goal is that each young person will mature, emotionally, intellectually and socially, into a well-integrated, self-confident, competent person who is committed to the service of their community. It is our expectation that each young person will achieve to the level of their ability and will see their involvement in education as a life long process. The broad curriculum offered by the school allows each person to achieve according to their particular skills and talents. The school promotes the Christian ethos while welcoming young people of all faiths.


The atmosphere of the School is a caring one, based upon respect for the person. The school motto and mission statement both give emphasis to the importance of respect for each person as we conduct our daily life within the school. The code of discipline of the school is based on the need to respect ourselves, others and the environment in which we live. Good human relations in a school foster self-esteem in the individual and allow the work of school to continue in a diligent manner. The character of the school, and the quality of the relationships therein are seen as some of the more important formative influences that contribute to the work in the school and the development of the young people in our care.

Mayfield Community School caters for all students in the community and this is reflected in the range of academic programmes available within the school along with the wide range of activities, experiences and sports in which students can participate. Whether a student is academically gifted with aspirations for a professional career or has a skill vital to the well being of our society, students are encouraged to pursue excellence, show initiative, be responsible and considerate adults and to pursue their goals through further study and training after they complete their six years in the school.

We expect our students to wear our uniform with pride, to be ambassadors for their school, community and country, to be courteous and polite in their dealings with others and with an appreciation for the Arts, Culture and the Environment. Therefore all students are required to maintain a high standard of conduct in continuing the proud traditions of the school.

Mission Statement

Together We Learn

Together We Care

Together We Respect

Objectives of our School:

  • To provide a well ordered, sensitive, caring environment where the intellectual, spiritual, creative, physical, moral and cultural needs of the pupils are identified and addressed
  • To promote a curriculum designed to accommodate individual learning styles so that all may experience success
  • To create the environment where pupils develop a love of learning and acquire a wide range of learning skills that help them become independent and self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community
  • To encourage pupils to take ownership and responsibility for their behaviour and learning
  • We see personal discipline as central to achieving a well ordered, sensitive and caring atmosphere in which learning can take place
  • To ensure opportunity is provided for pupils to participate in a variety of physical activities and experience a sense of well-being and self confidence that arises from good health and fitness
  • To promote and facilitate further education for the local and wider community
  • To empower teachers to fulfil their roles as educators and to promote a sense of community and support among staff
  • To give due recognition to all religious beliefs and to reflect and reinforce the Christian Ethos of the community we serve
  • To show appreciation of our diverse heritage, traditions and cultures
  • To show respect in regard to self, to one another, to property and to our environment
  • To nurture in our students a reverence for all of creation and a care for the earth

We believe this vision is best summarised in our motto

Meas ar Gach Craobh
Respect for All