Student Supports

Pastoral Care

Within Mayfield Community School we have a number of structures in place to ensure the wellbeing of our students.

Our care for our students comes form our motto – ‘Meas Ar Gach Craobh’ – ‘Respect For All’.  A big part of this is how we look after our students’ wellbeing.  This was recognised by the Department Of Education and Skills in a recent evaluation where the school was commended for its caring ethos.


Subject Teachers, Class Tutors and Year Heads

Very often if a student is facing difficulties in his or her life, then the first place that this is noticed is within the classroom.  Should a subject teacher notice any changes in behaviour or performance they will bring these concerns to the weekly meetings of Class Tutors and Year Heads.  At this point a decision may be made to refer a student to the Student Support Team.

The Student Support Team

The student Support Team meets on a weekly basis to look at student concerns.  This team will make decisions regarding whether a student would benefit from Pastoral Counselling or by being referred to a professional such as a GP or other professional.

The Guidance Department

The school’s Guidance Counsellor works with students at all levels to ensure that a student will pick the best choice of subjects for him/her.  The Guidance Counsellor may also provide pastoral counselling for students in need of extra support.

The Home School Community Link teacher

We are very lucky to have a Home School Link teacher who works closely with parents and the community.  The HSCL teacher is a vital link with families, helping students and their families to have a more positive experience of, and relationship with, school.

School Chaplaincy

Mayfield Community School is proud of its Catholic ethos.  It is a place where students feel safe, respected and encouraged.  The school chaplain works with students to help them grow and develop spiritually, morally and personally.


The S.P.H.E programme is integrated into our curriculum.  Through the S.P.H.E programme students focus on their personal development.

School Completion Programme

Some students are at risk of leaving school early.  The SCP programme puts supports in place to help students stay in school and reach their full potential