SciFest and European Space Agency Winners

The phrase ‘Out Of This World’ can be overused, but is exactly the right one to describe the amazing achievement of four of our Transition Year students in the past fortnight.

Sarah Buckley, Dylan Halpin Hurley, Sean Murphy and Rachel Sheehan were a winning team who have succeeded in getting their computer programs onto the International Space Station (ISS)

The students wrote two experiment programs on a ‘Raspberry Pi’ computer, as part of a competition with the European Space Agency.  This programs will be sent to space and the two experiments will be used on board the ISS.

One experiment is designed to measure when an astronaut enters or leaves the Columbus Module (a compartment on the space station) based on a change in the humidity, while the other is designed to measure anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field.

The student’s work has been hugely successful, and they are the only team from Ireland that have programs going on the AstroPi (the space version of the Raspberry Pi).

In addition, they also won a SciFest award in C.I.T on Friday 31st March.  This prestigious award is further recognition of the work achieved by our Transition Years.

Click here for the full story of the work done by the team.

More information on the European Space Agency’s AstroPi competition.

The full list of winners of the AstroPi Competition

The Team at Cork Institute of Technology on Friday, 31st March, where they were awarded the Sci-Fest trophy.

The team at work with their programs in the science lab at Mayfield Community School.


One of our Raspberry Pi Computers, with the LED display lit up.