Getting Started with Google Apps

Google Apps For Education

There are a lot of different elements in getting started with Google Apps for Education.

Here’s a list of some resources that will be helpful in learning how to get the best of Apps.
Good luck!
Most of the pages below provide videos on how to make the best out of each App


Google provides a page that gives you a full set of instructions on how to get the best out of gmail.  Follow this link:
Another site provided is here:
There are also a number of youtube videos available.  Just do a search for ‘gmail basics’ and you should find plenty.  Just beware, Gmail has changed some functions over the past few years, make sure the site you use isn’t too old!



Google also gives a good page providing an overview of calendar.  Follow this link: 



Here is a document that you can download to help you in sites:

Here is a link to Google’s overview of sites:

google sites logo


Here is a link to Google’s overview of Docs & Drive (The two are now integrated):

Drive provides a full suite of services, so may take some time to get the best of.  Take time and if you need help, ask, or do a youtube search for ‘Google drive basics’

 google drive




Classroom has just been released, so many people are only just finding out how to use it.  The chances are that some parts of it will change over the first year.

Here is a good overview: –

As with a lot of the above apps, a quick youtube search for ‘Google Classroom Basics’ will bring up a lot of resources for you.
Google Classroom