Letter to Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you and our students had a good midterm break.

As you know, in the last few days, the Government issued new public health advice coming into effect from Monday 28 th February. The Government has accepted the recommendations of NPHET to remove remaining restrictions relating to mask-wearing and physical distancing in schools. As the general requirement for physical distancing in society no longer applies, schools are no longer required to maintain class pods and bubbles. This will allow a number of our students to have their hot meals in our school cafeteria with other class groups.

Some students and staff may wish to continue to wear a mask and some students and staff may decide not to wear a mask. This is their personal choice. In our school, we will respect each person’s choice.

At the same time, we are very aware that COVID-19 is still very much with us and so certain control measures will continue to be in place:

Sanitising – We will ask all students to sanitise at the main entrances and before going into their classrooms

Ventilation – Our classroom doors will remain open and classroom windows will remain partially open

Students lunch breaks – Students will continue to get hot meals during the big break under the supervision of their teachers

The requirement to stay at home if a student has symptoms or if a student test positive remains.

We will not use our changing rooms in our Sports Complex for PE yet. Students will be allowed to wear their PE clothes on the day they are timetabled for PE. This will be reviewed over the coming weeks. Please ensure that your child is in full uniform on non-PE days.

On behalf of all staff, I want to sincerely thank you for the measures you have taken over the past two years to keep all of us in our school community safe. We continue to rely on your support of and compliance with the measures in place to reduce the introduction of COVID into the school and to reduce the risk of COVID spreading within the school.

The removal of restrictions is a welcome message of hope and confidence.

Your continued cooperation is, as always, very much acknowledged and appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Kieran Golden Kathleen Daly