College Week

Next Week is College Awareness Week. Here’s a quick list of things that are great about going to college:

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Helping your child to become college ready

  • People who go to college will earn more over their lifetime – about 40% more than people without a college degree.
  • People with college degrees increase their chances of taking up a highly skilled job and decrease their chances of being unemployed. Most 21st century jobs require a college degree.
  • People with college degrees are happier and healthier. More likely to be involved in your community and suffer from less physical and mental health problems.
  • Reference: OECD Report: Education at a Glance 2013 and The Spirit Level, Wilson and Pickett

The Immediate Benefits of Going to College for students

  • Learn a new subject or gain more in-depth knowledge
  • Acquire a qualification for the workplace
  • Be stimulated by world-class lecturers
  • Have access to amazing facilities – libraries, computer rooms, labs, sports centres
  • Meet new people from around Ireland and the world
  • Join a student club or society
  • Play sports
  • Socialise
  • Travel the world through internships, study abroad programmes
  • Increase your confidence and sense of achievement and direction

The Long-term Benefits of College Graduates for Irish Society

  • Meet employers require a college education to meet the demand for knowledge-based 21st century skills. (60% of jobs in US)
  • Less reliance on social welfare
  • Increased likelihood of long-term employment
  • More involvement with voluntary and community based activities
  • Better physical and mental health of society
  • Cost: benefit analysis. Cost of educating people at third level is returned multi-fold through increased earnings and taxes
  • Improved social –cohesion. Increase in personal satisfaction and happiness. Lower rates of anti-social behaviour and incarceration
  • Reference: OECD Report: Education at a Glance 2013 and The Spirit Level, Wilson and Pickett

The Benefits of College-readiness for schools

  • Helps your community of students to realise their full potential
  • Increase the sense of direction and achievement felt by your students and your teachers
  • Recognition that a college degree is the common currency of the 21st century
  • On average 65% of 18-25 year olds are enrolled in college. Will 65% of your 6th years go to college this year?
  • Important element of school self-evaluation reports within the Inspectorate of the DES
  • High expectations + supportive environment = college going culture