Dear Parents and Students

Wishing you all Happy Safe and Healthy New Year.

I’m sure you are now all familiar with this evening’s announcement and the government recommendations for the reopening of schools on January 11th 2021.

To facilitate online learning we have scheduled all year groups with the exception of 6th years to collect their books from school on this Thursday and Friday.The times are as follows:

  • 1st Years on Thursday morning 10 am  to 12-30
  • 2nd Years on Thursday afternoon 1pm  to 3pm
  • 4th Years on  Thursday afternoon 1pm to 3pm
  • 3rd Years on Friday morning 10am to 12-30pm
  • 5th Years on Friday morning 10am to 12-30pm

The plans announced by the Government provide for 3 days in school attendance for 6th year students only and those days are at each school’s discretion.We will update all 6th Year students and parents on Monday evening.

Virtual information meetings will be held for all Year Groups and parents next week.

Kind regards,

K. Daly, Acting Principal

J. Mc Murtry, Acting Deputy Principal