Letter to Parents

Dear parents
We hope that you are keeping well. Since our last letter to you on the 14th August, we have continued to work hard to get our school ready for reopening.
Our priority is to minimise any potential introduction of Covid-19 into our school.

We would like to remind you that;

  • Visitor access to the school will be very limited. Parents can only be allowed access if an appointment has been made.
  • Any student who has been abroad to countries outside the Green List are required to quarantine for a full two weeks before they return to school.
  • Parents should remain vigilant around symptoms and keep their children isolated at home if they are experiencing flu like symptoms.

Our safety matters and with this in mind, we are introducing the following measures:

  • All students must sanitise their hands when they enter our school.
  • There are 75 Hand Sanitising point clearly identified around our school
  • To avoid crowds, students will be designated an entry and exit point at the start and end of each school day. These entry / exit points will be clearly identified for the students during our first week back in school
  • Please arrive at school as close as possible to 8.55am and once your son / daughter is in school, they must go straight to class.
  • All classes will remain in their classroom for tuition and lunchtimes.
  • All students will be allocated a specific seat in their base classroom.
  • Lockers have been moved into the rooms and each student will be allocated their own individual locker.
  • Year Groups will remain together in pods around the building e.g. Fifth Years will be based in B05 and B07. The students will remain in those classes for the majority of their classes.
  • The students will have to move to subjects such as Art, PE, Computer Science etc.
  • Classes will be allocated designated toilet facilities specifically for certain Year Groups close to their respective pod area.

A reminder that students must wear MASKS in school. If your son/daughter cannot wear
a mask for medical reasons then you must provide a medical cert to the school before your
son/daughter returns to school.

Thank you for your full support and we are looking forward to seeing your son / daughter
back in our school

Take care
Kieran Golden, Kathleen Daly