End of Term Reports summer 2020 – A Guide for our Parents

Assessment and Reporting on the Learning of our Students – Summer 2020

A Guide for our Parents

While all schools have been closed since the 12th March, all of us as teachers and parents have tried our best to ensure that students continue learning. Our school did everything we could, along with your support to ensure that our students progressed in their learning.

As a school, we believe that it is important that our students and their parents get feedback on how your son / daughter has progressed this term. Our teachers fully understand that the last few months have been challenging and we will take that into consideration when we are completing the end of term reports.

On Monday, 11th May, we had an assembly with each of our Year Groups online and Mr McMurtry and Mr Hurley outlined our approach to assessment this term and explained to the students very clearly how marks are being awarded. Our teachers worked together to come up with an agreed approach to assessment this term. These arrangements are fair and the hard work that has been done by our students will be acknowledged and the students whose hard work has been disrupted due to the Covid-19 situation will not be disadvantaged.

Marks being awarded will fully take into account your son’s / daughter’s engagement with school before our schools closed on the 12th March.

  • Reports will include a mark and a comment
  • The deadline for completion of assignments for our students will be Friday 22nd May.
  • We will be posting reports home from Thursday, June 4th   

Third Year Junior Cert School-based Assessment

60% Assessment Data           

Christmas Test                        20%

Pre Exams                                20%

CBAs                                          10%

Online Assignments                10%

If no CBAs in the subjects Christmas & Pre Exams 25% each.

40% Engagement                 

Attendance                             10%

Participation                           10%

Homework                              10%

Attitude                                    10%




First, Second & Fifth Year Assessment Reports

50% Assessment Data           

Christmas Test and other class tests              25%

Online Assignments                                          25%


50% Engagement                   

Attendance                                                     10%

Participation                                                  20%

Homework                                                     10%

Attitude                                                          10%