Turning Mayfield Green

For Science Week 2016

  • A group of First Year students and a small group of LCA students built Bug Hotels
  • The idea of bug hotels is to provide shelter and a source of food for insects over the winter and into the spring
  • Insects such as Solitary bees and ladybirds are very important in nature as they can help native plant species to thrive.
  • Mayfield Community School is hoping to encourage these insects and others to take up residence in the grounds of the school
  • We would hope the bug hotels would contribute to improving the natural environment around MCS
  • The bug hotels were constructed using recycled materials including bricks,tiles,wood and chicken wire.
  • We constructed a large bug hotel in the garden at the back of the school
  • The smaller bug hotels in the garden pots will be placed in various locations around the school
  • Bird Feeders have been placed around the school grounds and it is hoped we will encourage the smaller birds such as robins,blue tits and chaffinches to appear more often around the school grounds.

(written by Adam Cunningham and Tyrone Meade of TY)

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