School Arrangements following the Mid-Term Break

Following is a letter from the Board of Management of Mayfield Community School to all parents:


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

ASTI withdrawal from Supervision and Substitution

As you are aware from the media, the ASTI has directed its members to withdraw from supervision and substitution duties with effect from 7th November 2016. Our school has a number of teachers who are members of the ASTI.

Health and Safety legislation and the in loco parentis principle place a duty of care on school management to ensure the safety, health and welfare of pupils. School management have assessed the supervision and substitution needs of the school and have put in place arrangements for the provision of supervision of pupils for Monday 7th November. These arrangements were ratified by our school’s Board of Management.

Consequently the Board of Management are pleased to inform you that Mayfield Community School will be open for all students on Monday 7th November.

ASTI Strike Day November 8th

The ASTI has also notified the Board of Management of a Strike Day on November

8th. If this strike day goes ahead as planned the Board of Management will not be in a position to discharge its responsibility with regard to the care of students in its charge. The Board reluctantly decided that it cannot guarantee the health and safety of students on the school premises on that day.

The Board of Management is therefore requesting you not to send your son/daughter to school on Tuesday November 8th.

The Board of Management will notify parents of arrangements regarding any further strike dates as they arise.

The Board of Management wishes to assure you that it will continue to make every effort to provide education and care for our pupils and values your support in this endeavour.

The Board of Management regrets this course of action is necessary.

Yours sincerely,


Secretary of the Board of Management