Opening of the year assembly

Students and teachers, you are all very welcome back to the start of a new school year. We all begin the new year with great hopes and expectations. It is our best hopes for you that all of you reach your full potential this year. We especially welcome our First Years who are coming to a new school. For some of you, it’s a big change as you are in a bigger school and for the first time in a while, you are now the youngest people in the school. We know that you will settle in soon and that you will make new friends and get the chance to experience new subjects. We would like to thank our senior school leaders who are members of Meitheal who helped the first years last week as part of the first year Induction Programme.

We congratulate our Leaving Cert class of last year on their results and we wish them well as they continue their education in the Engineering and Commerce classes in UCC and the CIT, in the many courses in the Further Education Colleges and we also wish those who have started in the world of work long and successful careers. For those of you who are studying for the Leaving Certificate, your journey continues in every class and in the supervised classes that are starting after school today.

It’s important for all of us that we get into good routines and habits right from the start.

  • All of us are in school for 8.45 8.50 every morning. Any students late for school will have to make up time and will be detained on the same day. Be on time for school every day.
  • You must be organised for school. You may go to your lockers before school or during the lunch breaks. You may not go your locker during class time. You can go to your locker up to 8.58, from 11.00 – 11.14 and from 1.16 – 1.43 and after school
  • All students line up for class in twos outside the classroom and you enter under the direction of your teacher
  • Remember you must be on time for all classes. You are organised and when you are in your seat, you take out your copy, book and any other materials you need for class.
  • Class time is a mobile phone free zone. Keep your mobile phone, if you have one, out of sight. If you take it out during class time, the phone will be confiscated and you may get it back from the main office at the end of the school day. If it happens a second time, your phone will be returned to you the following day. If it happens a third time, your parent will have to come in the following day to collect the phone. You do not need your phone in class.
  • Our school looks well thanks to all of us here. All students eat their food in the Main Cafeteria except our senior students who have the option to eat in their mall. This is a privilege and it must be respected by all. Thanks to all of you who respect our school and use the many bins placed throughout the school.

By being on time and ready for class, you will learn something new every day. Pupil learning is important in our school.

Getting involved in school – wearing our full school uniform every day, living up to our school motto, Meas ar Gach Chraobh Respect for All, will ensure that you feel good about yourself and you help others to feel well also. Get involved in the clubs, before school, our Breakfast Club, during lunch time and after school. Keeping well mentally and physically, being fit and active matters for all of us.

Have a good year and give us every reason to celebrate and acknowledge the good things that you do in school. In a few weeks time our Gradam night celebrates student success over the year. It should be your ambition to be part of that night. Give your teachers every opportunity to give you praise when you deserve it.

We wish you all well and every success in the year ahead.