Visit to Glen Resource Centre

Visit to the Glen Resource Centre

On Friday last, the 18th of September, 30 students from 2nd Year took part in an Activities Session based in the Glen Resource Centre.
The students were divided into two groups and got to take part in a number of fun team building exercises. The Gladiator Challenge was the first activity, in which the students challenged each other in a vertical assault course. Speed is not always the quickest way to the top and teamwork plays a vital part.
The Glen Resource Centre has designed unique Team Building Activities, taking elements from traditional Team Building activities and mixing them with elements used in well-known T.V. Programmes such as the “Survivor Series” and “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”.
Students then took part in an activity called “Create the Stack”. In groups of 3, students build a tower of crates as high as they can. You have to stand on top of the crates as you build, rising with the tower without falling. This was a very enjoyable activity for the students which challenged their teamwork abilities and communication.
Finally the students got to finish the session by getting to go Snow Tubing on the outdoor ski slope which was a very enjoyable way to end a great session. A special thank you to the staff at the Glen Resource Centre for providing such a great session and to all the students who represented the school excellently.