To the parents of our Third Year students

Dear Parents / Guardians

We hope that you and your family are safe and well.

We are planning to hold an Information Meeting on Thursday 15th April at 7.00pm with the parents of our current Third Year Class in relation to:

  1. The End of Year exams for Third Years and
  • The plans for next year’s Transition Year 2021

Third Year Assessments:

In general, the marks for each subject will be based on:

75% of the marks will be based on the results of in-class tests which will take place from Tuesday 4th May to Friday 21st May.

25% of the marks will be based on the results received in that subject at christmas of Third Year, the summer of second year and at christmas of second year.

A School Based Certificate will come from the school which will set out the following:

·       Assessment Results/ Grade Descriptors

·       Classroom Based Assessments Levels of Achievement

·       Other Areas of Learning.

Additionally a Certificate of Completion will issue from the Department of Education and Skills. This will confirm your son/daughter has completed their 3 years in Junior Cycle.

Looking forward to seeing you online at our Information Evening on Thursday 15th April at 7.00pm

Yours faithfully

Kieran Golden