Assistant Principal I (Acting)

Post of Assistant Principal I (Acting )
The Board of Management of Mayfield Community School invites applications from eligible
candidates for the above post.
The post will be filled in accordance with Circular Letter 0003/2018. Applicants should
familiarise themselves with this Circular (
The appointee will become part of the Leadership and Management Team in the School.
Eligibility criteria:
Assistant Principal I:

  • be fully registered with the Teaching Council under route 2 or under route 3 as per the accompanying clarification issued by DES in June 2018.
  • have a minimum of 3 years/ teaching service recognised by DES/ETB for incremental credit purposes. [Where it is not obvious that the applicant has a minimum of 3 years’ teaching service, then that teacher should provide a statement of service from the DES as evidence of incremental service]

The post will be interviewed and marked in accordance with the criteria and marking
scheme in circular letter 0003/2018.

  • Leading Learning and Teaching (25 marks)
  • Managing an Organisation (25 marks)
  • Leading School Development (25 marks)
  • Developing Leadership Capacity (25 marks)

● Appointment to the post of responsibility will be conditional on the teacher being
available to carry out the roles and responsibilities assigned to the post.
● The successful candidate needs to be in the position for 84 days or more (12 weeks)
to be paid an allowance for this temporary post.
● Selection Board and interviews shall be as outlined in DES Circular Letter 0003/2018.
● The Appeals procedure outlined in Circular Letter 0003/2018 applies.
● Candidates are referred to the following which are posted on the staff notice board:
o the full list of identified Leadership and Management needs and priorities of
the school.
o The list of post holders, level of their post and summary of their roles and
Applications should be made on the official Post of Responsibility Application Form which is
available from the School Office.
Closing date for receipt of completed applications is: 4pm Friday 23rd of October 2020
Interviews are provisionally scheduled for:
The week commencing 7th of November 2020
Candidates are advised that late applications cannot be accepted.

SIGNED: ____________________ DATE: 16 October 2020
Secretary, Board of Management Date Posted on Staff Noticeboard

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