Education Apps

Educational Apps

Within the school we use Google Apps for Education.

What does this mean?

Every student and staff member is given a Google account that allows them to send and receive emails or to write up and print documents.

By using Google Apps for Education (GAFE), our hope is that the students learn more Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills.

If you’re new to using Google Apps you can learn how to get started by Clicking Here.

You can learn how to create a document by Clicking Here.


To log into your school email account (Gmail), click here:

Each student has a Gmail account of the format


To log into your school cloud storage account (Google Drive),click here:

Along with their email account, each student has a Google drive folder for storing all of their work.

google drive

To use Edmodo, click here:

Edmodo is an online classroom.  Some teachers use Edmodo to share projects, homework or resources with students.  Students can also return work using Edmodo


To use Google Classroom, click here:

Similar to Edmodo, Google Classroom is used by some teachers to share projects, homework or resources with students.

Google Classroom

To use Google Sites in your school account,click here:

google sites logo

To use ePortal, click here: